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In the depths of COVID, Kemosabe were appointed to manage Japan’s post-covid recovery plan. Fronted by Uma Thurman, the We Are Japan campaign centred around the Japanese concept of ikigai, inviting European travellers to discover their own personal ‘reason for being’. A dedicated, immersive platform, harnessed technical innovation, allowing visitors to watch dynamic film content and create their own bespoke travel itinerary in film format.

Mile Deep

This pioneering production is the destination’s most interactive and digitally immersive experience yet for promoting Japanese tourism from across Europe; featuring Japan’s most inspirational offerings and stories and includes 45 experiences and 160 films from across the country. Driving footfall outside of the better-known areas of Japan such as Tokyo and Kyoto We Are Japan captures off-the-beaten-track experiences, using natural content, local culture, and the residents of each location as the talent for the product. In doing so, it put money in the pockets of locals, while giving tourists a full authentic experience.

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With borders shut to Japan, the show had to go on. Working with Travlrr’s sustainable remote studio, Kemosabe engaged a Tokyo based team to travel Japan, capturing over 60 locations within a 6-week period. Kemosabe managed the shoot from their London HQ, using end-to-end workflow technology to review content as it was shot and uploaded to the platform, giving real-time feedback to the local team to ensure they’d captured high quality content that met the brief – saving time, investment, and the brand’s carbon footprint.


Ultimately, Kemosabe successfully executed a campaign that used 88.5% less carbon than a standard production of this capacity, subsequently saving 111.66 tonnes of carbon emission.

Through this campaign, Kemosabe have also committed to removing over 15,000kg of carbon by tree planting for each of the two productions – and ANA now has a grove of trees planted in Scotland at Trees for Life.

The end result? A net zero campaign production.


less carbon than a standard production of this capacity.


of carbon removed by tree planting.


impressions delivered.


countries covered — Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and the UK — in their local languages.


forecast achieved in engagement (clicks).


Over 1m website clicks with over 100% more unique site visitors than forecast (over 500k total).


unique site visits.


The campaign was multilingual covering eight European territories – Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy and UK

A broad mix of brand and performance formats were applied in order to make the most of creative developed. Formats included connected TV, in-stream video, out-stream video, in-banner video, interactive banners and dynamic display. This allowed us to deliver 160 video variants across each video channel (480 in total) and 1,600+ dynamic display creative variants.

·      Celebrity / influencer partnership

·      Website / design and build

·      Video production with interactive video platform

·      Programmatic and social delivery


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