A Brit of a Difference


etc.venues is Britain's No.1 award-winning conference venue brand, with more meeting rooms than both Hilton or Marriot – hosting over 900,000 delegates across over 18,000 events in the last year alone!


We were asked to launch etc.venues globally, beginning in New York before expanding to other cities across the US and then the world.


How do you bring a British brand to the US market and ensure it’s well received? New York has never had a dedicated business event space; we needed to challenge the norm and inform our audience that there was a new spot designed exclusively for business.


A tongue in cheek, multi-platform targeted strategy and campaign with a ‘Brit of a Difference’ – aimed exclusively at the business community. This included social media, a content hub, podcasts, data capture, TTL campaign, live events, digital marketing, and website build.


We created an engaging environment by understanding etc.venues’ core US audience. Here we educated users on the importance of a specialist service and the benefits this provides for a business conference or event.

5 min
The average dwell time on website.

Qualified database entries in just 6 months.

3 pages
Average views per visitor.

Number of show-rounds by Oct 2019, smashing the original target of 400 by Jan 2020.

“Delighted by the quality of the thinking, awesome creative work and outstanding results!”

— Xanthos Christodoulou, Marketing Consultant, etc.venues

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