My mother once commented on a new coat I’d bought. She said, “couldn’t you have chosen one that covered your bottom?”

New frameworks for a new world

What it takes to become B Corp certified.

Clean up and connect with your community

At a time of much talk about digital and tech, it’s heartening to turn the focus back to great ideas with balls.

Who owns the future of travel?

I recently attended one of the largest travel conferences in the US – a few thousand people representing the biggest names in global travel.

Both sides of the brain

We need to be whole brain now more than ever before.

Acknowledging the Unsung Heroines

How can we combat negativity and lift this dark cloud that seems to be hovering over us? How can we shift the balance back in the favour of positivity and hope?

Old McFacebook had a social farm, AI-AI-Oh

We’ve come a long way since Spielberg’s classic about a robotic boy who was desperate to find love and discover where he belongs. Akin to the iconic 2001 film, AI on social media has gone through a similar journey of discovery.

Subculture for Sale

Subcultures – movements of likeminded people, simultaneously dependent and rebellious –are, by their very nature, particularly hard to identify.

In Support of Social Enterprises

Business for good – when they profit, society profits.