Acknowledging the Unsung Heroines

In a world that is divided by conversations of “us and them”, where horrible acts of violence destroy lives and economic doom and gloom is often being predicted, it is easy to understand why humanity is being questioned. How can we combat negativity and lift this dark cloud that seems to be hovering over us? How can we shift the balance back in the favour of positivity and hope?

Thankful is a social enterprise whose mission is to create a healthier, happier world by encouraging people to focus on the positive in their life. A global lifestyle brand that is supported by scientific research that shows thankfulness can increase optimism, motivation, and human connections while decreasing stress and anxiety.

This innovative new model merges philanthropy and business to spread the power of gratitude via licensed products that give back, and activations that spark thankful thinking to harness the power of gratitude for good.

We all need reminding that there is still more good than bad in this world, a reminder that the human spirit and resilience will prevail – acknowledging that there are heroes who are championing humanity, love, kindness and compassion. By shifting our focus to all that is good in our lives and the world, being thankful for what we can control and for the heroes who have the courage to make a difference, we can change our outlook. The bad won’t go away, but it will allow us to see the whole picture and shift our perspective.

Recently, Thankful launched their Thankful4Women campaign, a global campaign with a call to identify, acknowledge, and share a story of a woman you are Thankful for. These stories will be hosted on a new platform called Womenpedia.

So many incredible women have not received the recognition for their success or been recognized for their contribution to their families, community or society. Womenpedia will capture the stories of the farm workers, the caregivers, the scientists, the entrepreneurs and the well-known successful women we all admire, shining a light on the incredible women who are helping to change the world.

Because of the success of #MeToo and #TimesUP, there are more women than ever who are realising their potential and their power. We are rewriting history and we need to ensure the stories of these everyday heroes are captured, their contribution acknowledged and recorded as an inspiration for the world, and for the generations that follow.

Womenpedia will be an evolving anthropological record of womens’ role and contribution to the world, so share a story of an incredible women doing extraordinary things. We all know incredible women, and it is time to acknowledge them.