The Gateway

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking solutions. They help companies of all sizes transform the way that people connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in customer power, forcing the conventional rules of marketing and customer relationships to change. We helped Cisco develop their advocacy platform The Gateway, and now cover every aspect of their advocacy marketing by creating engaging and human stories. Travelling across the world to film and document Cisco case studies, our work was the first to be launched through Cisco’s global platform, as well as the first to be posted on the Cisco Global landing page.

Here are just a few examples of what we do.

A Del Brenta Story

Imagine if fashion could be made before your eyes.

For almost 50 years, Del Brenta’s reputation for providing the highest quality heels has made them a first choice for the best fashion brands in the world, including Prada, Luis Vuitton, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci. Known in the market as the number one producer of quality, the company’s vision is not to be the largest manufacturer of heels, but the best.

Kemosabe were tasked to reveal the story of Del Brenta and their reliance on Cisco technology, shooting at their design studio and workshop in the Riviera.

A Signa Story

Headquartered in Vienna, SIGNA is as impressive as the beauty and drama of the city it calls home. Founded in 1999, this privately owned real estate business has grown to become one of Europe’s leading companies in the fields of real estate and retail, cultivating a portfolio of assets in excess of €5.5 billion. In February, we travelled to Vienna to showcase how Cisco Spark has been implemented and adopted to help SIGNA stay ahead of their competitors.

Because while others are thinking about it, SIGNA has done it.

A CoBuilder Story

Imagine if we could make construction smarter.

Established in 1997, CoBuilder strive to digitise Building Information Modeling within the construction industry through an indispensable information hub. Operating on the international stage, CoBuilder are expected to operate in the moment, a click or a call away. To achieve this, they tried a range of available technologies on the market but found them to be limiting, unstable and, more often than not, disruptive to the smooth running of their business and that of their clients. Enter Cisco Spark.

An OVH Story

Imagine if we could get back to face to face conversations.

OVH gives little away as you approach its entrance. The only clue as to what lies beyond is in its signage – “OVH. Innovation is Freedom.” But once inside, you are transported to an environment that could very easily be the inspiration for a book titled The Workplace of The Future. This isn’t just a business, it’s a business that understands people and the very human need to be stimulated in order to flourish. And flourish OVH does.

An AEG Story

Imagine if we could change the way people experience live events.

A global leader in presenting live events, AEG owns and operates hundreds of venues around the world. At the O2 in London, the world’s busiest entertainment venue, AEG host more than 200 music and sporting events each year, bringing in nearly 9 million visitors. Technology is key to delivering a superior fan experience, so we shed light on AEG’s use of Cisco solutions to engage fans and provide new platforms for growth.

A Worldhotel Story

Imagine if a hotel could think for itself.

Located at the Rotterdam International Airport, Worldhotel Wings took 10 years to plan and develop. Cisco designed, installed and manages its infrastructure. We flew to Rotterdam, uncovering and filming the seamless integrated system that they use to manage bookings and inventory, secure data, and provide guests with connectivity during their stay.