The Gateway


Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking solutions. They help companies of all sizes transform the way that people connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in customer power, forcing the conventional rules of marketing and customer relationships to change. Cisco asked us to help develop and roll out their new advocacy platform The Gateway.

Advocacy marketing was a whole new initiative by Cisco, and we needed to help develop, brand, position The Gateway with a multi-platform strategy.

Once we’d nailed that part, we knew that the platform would rely on human stories, sending us travelling across the world to film and document these engaging Cisco case studies.

Mile Deep

We created a global online community inviting and incentivizing Cisco customers to become brand ambassadors. The digital forum was complete with advocacy films from across the world and included gamified content, in which customers are encouraged to share success stories in exchange for opportunities to grow industry knowledge and to network with other Cisco customers around the world.

We constructed the strategy, creative and execution of The Gateway Hub before planning its big launch at 2017’s Cisco Live in Berlin.

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Go Deeper

The Gateway saw rapid success, not only by the number of advocates joining but by the amount of content the platform generated. The Gateway Hub succeeded in its original goal to provide an open, connected world with authentic, human stories – quickly spreading from EMEAR into the US and further.

The First

Our work was the first to be launched through Cisco’s global platform, as well as the first to be posted on the Cisco Global landing page.


We tripled The Gateway’s
target sign up rate

Sign-ups exceeded 6 months
ahead of target

Miles travelled across the world to create content,
flying to Italy, France, Denmark, Spain,
Norway, Austria and more.

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