Written on: Monday, March 14th, 2016

Working with social amplification company CreateLondon and music magazine CLASH, the creative team produced a series of live music events for fashion label River Island. This night of musical entertainment saw a number of River Island sponsored bands perform to hundreds of fans that were entertained with free refreshments to make it a night to remember.

Embracing the ethos of Create, Capture and Share, these events perfectly encapsulated this ideology with attendees capturing their experiences via social media platforms.

Live beyond the live event

Utilising these band’s large social followings, social enhancement tools were employed during these live events to deliver River Island’s messaging out to these communities.

Using the SocialSnap technology developed by CreateLondon (Instagram/Twitter printing), attendees were able to produce a memento of their experience that lived beyond the live event, both online and offline.

Share their story with their friends

Alongside this, we also deployed our BrandPops live video service where Vox-Pops were taken throughout the night from the attending public. These were instantly uploaded to Facebook fully branded and attendees could see and share their story with their friends.

This brought live engagement with consumers to a new and increased level for River Island. With these events, they had created a series of experiences that captured the imagination of a number of communities and had their brand at the centre of the story. Using social platforms to capture these experiences, River Island saw their event live on beyond the moment and its messaging shared to new levels of readership thanks to social.