ANA – Japan meets Barcelona & Ibiza

Written on: Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

BARCELONA, May 15, 2017 – Three chefs, two countries, two cities. ANA, Japan’s largest airline and Aiste Miseviciute, founder of popular food blog LUXEAT, proudly present a series of events: Japan Meets Barcelona & Ibiza 2017. From the 3rd to the 7th of June 2017, three high-profile, Japanese chefs will take over the kitchens of PAKTA restaurant (1 Michelin Star) and Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona, followed by Sa Nansa and Lamuella restaurants in Ibiza. Each a master of a different type of Japanese cuisine, chefs Kentaro Nakahara, Takaaki Sugita and Yoshiteru Ikegawa will collaborate for the first time outside Japan, combining their culinary techniques with exquisite Spanish ingredients. At Pakta in Barcelona, the Japanese masters will be joined by the legendary star chef Albert Adrià, cooking a collaborative dinner together.

As a 5-Star Airline with an expanding international network, ANA strives to bridge people and connect cultures from around the world, and we have decided to be the wings to carry these three internationally renowned Japanese master chefs and their extraordinary tastes to Spain, one of the trendiest food countries. Food is a defining facet of each culture, and plays an indispensable role in Japanese daily life and at ANA. We hope these collaborative events will serve as an epicurean bridge between the two cultures. At ANA, we aim to enrich the lives of our customers through once-in-a-lifetime moments that excite and inspire, and this highly unique and innovative culinary experience would be a perfect embodiment of our brand, “Inspiration of Japan”.

The menus at Japan Meets Barcelona & Ibiza 2017 will reflect the expertise of each chef. Dishes will include Japanese Wagyu beef and wagyu tartare by Nakahara; sushi and sashimi, by Sugita; and chicken skewers by yakitori expert Ikegawa. At the end of each meal, guests will be treated with a taste of award-winning Brazilian chocolate Q, by Chef Samantha Aquim.


The dinners are expertly curated by globe-trotting foodie Aiste Miseviciute, and follow the success of the Japan Meets Ibiza weekend in August 2016, where barbecue master Nakahara and legendary sushi chef Keiji Nakazawa cooked for an audience of international foodies.


Originally from Lithuania, Aiste Miseviciute is a former fashion model who set up gastronomy blog Luxeat 10 years ago to record her experiences travelling the globe. Quickly realising her passion for restaurants and discovering where food comes from, Aiste began forging relationships with the chefs she encountered while abroad, deepening her knowledge and love for the culinary world. She is now an established food writer and documentary maker, who splits her time between London, Paris and Ibiza.

Delivering the events for and on behalf of our esteemed client All Nippon Airways in Barcelona and Ibiza and once again working closely with our strategic partner at Socialgram to deliver outstanding social media strategy and content delivery.

In partnership with Socialgram we worked with our clients All Nippon Airways to deliver social coverage and content creation for the first ever ‘Japan meets Barcelona & Ibiza’ campaign. An event in collaboration with renowned food blogger @Luxeat where ANA brought together two cultures, passionate about food and ingredients to create the experience of a lifetime, with three of Japans most esteemed chefs!

Socialgram delivered the very first ANA Instagram Story and over the course of the event produced 4 Instagram Stories, shot and edited to a standard that elevated the brand over it’s competitors. Alongside additional specific content for Instagram posts, we filmed a hero video to showcase the campaign on Facebook and a 60 second ‘trailer’ natively edited for Instagram.


Yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) master Kentaro Nakahara is the chef and owner of Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara, considered one of Tokyo’s best restaurants. A self-taught butcher and beef connoisseur, Nakahara is highly respected across Japan and has been featured in publications such as The Japan Times.

Sushi master Takaaki Sugita owns one of Tokyo’s most popular sushi restaurants, Nihonbashi Kakigaracho Sugita. Each piece of fish and seafood on his menu is treated and aged specifically to bring out its unique flavors and textures. Chef Sugita has 1 Michelin star.

Yakitori (grilled chicken skewer) master Yoshiteru Ikegawa is the chef and owner of Michelin starred restaurant Torishiki, where he expertly serves up chicken, grilled traditionally over charcoal.

The final video