Written on: Monday, March 21st, 2016

Project Chile

Kemosabe’s Strategy Director Ian Irving led the team who developed this incredibly successful campaign on behalf of Casio G-Shock. The Campaign titled Project Chile was the brand’s first foray into advertising in over 15 years and proved to be one of the single most successful advertising campaigns in G-SHOCK’s brand history. The main focus for the campaign media was cinema and online content across social media, associated fashion, tech and watch sites and forums and supported by print and events in retail stores.

The first challenge was to pull together a specialist team from the assigned production company Kash, who have delivered successful film and moving image projects with Ian Irving for over 12 years.

A Specialist Team

The specialist team put together by Kash travelled with G-SHOCK on the trip to Chile to capture this stunning commercial and all of its supporting behind the scenes content. Working in the frozen conditions to make a short film, their hard-won efforts to record the high-speed action of the RAF ski team at the top of its game made for a truly epic shoot, using two helicopters and a Phantom film rig, Go-Pros and the industry’s best sound engineer.

As sponsors of the RAF ski team, G-SHOCK followed and recorded the team on their training trip to Chile and the extreme and hostile conditions of Nevados de Chillan.

Put to the ultimate test

This group of volcanoes is located in the Andes off the Bio Bio Region, where the snow and ice of the Chilean winter offers the perfect training conditions for the team. A key factor was team and crew safety due to the additional fact that the team were still in active service and part of the crews deployed to Afghanistan during the war, there was exemplary safety assistance on hand for this very high-risk, skilled, specialist work – and it was decided that the slopes were to be closed for our exclusive use.

It is also the perfect environment to put the G-SHOCK Aviator watches to the test. These are watches that are engineered for toughness, and can endure as much as those that wear them.

The results

The finished campaign ran in cinemas across Europe in Russia, Germany, France, UK and Italy. We ran a comprehensive seeding and amplification campaign that delivered over 500,000 views and interactions online with over 198 million impressions.

G-Shock has also enjoyed a strong year with the company claiming that sales of the brand’s Aviator models have risen 150% in the year to date at “one key retailer”, which it did not name. Casio has been running a cinema advertising campaign for G-Shock for the past three weeks that stars the G-Shock Aviator GA-1000FC-1AER being put through its paces on a Chilean mountain by the RAF ski team.

The G-Shock cinema ad, which you can watch above, opened in cinemas on November 8 and will run until the end of December. It is expected that the campaign will reach 13.04 million people.

Casio UK head of marketing Tim Gould said:

“These encouraging sales results show the power of investing in carefully targeted advertising campaigns, aimed at three very different target customers for our three brands. We are confident that this growth will continue for the holiday season and beyond.”