Cisco – An AEG Story, London

Written on: Monday, March 26th, 2018

AEG takes fan experience to the next level

Kemosabe worked with our our client Cisco on the next case study on the advocacy marketing program. A global leader in presenting live events, AEG owns and operates hundreds of venues around the world. The O2 in London, the world’s busiest music and entertainment venue, hosts more than 200 music and sporting events each year that bring in nearly 9 million visitors. Technology is key to delivering a superior fan experience. Using an end-to-end solution approach, they employ Cisco solutions to deliver a powerful, engaging digital experience for fans and a platform for growth for AEG and its partners.


  • Deliver a superior experience to fans
  • Gain insight into attendee preferences and behavior
  • Generate new revenue at event sites


“At AEG, our mission is to create a truly immersive experience for our fans where they don’t think for a second they could have gotten this same experience at home.”

David Jones, Senior Vice President of IT, AEG Europe