Be Human

Written on: Monday, November 13th, 2017

Be Human is a range of unique and completely natural formulations and the antidote to 21st Century lifestyle, making you the best human you can be.

On the back of the enormously successful Bionutri, a supplement brand that works closely with the world’s top athletes, Be Human was born.

Aimed at the ordinary man/woman on the street, Be Human required a more consumer facing brand and identity, simplifying and de mystifying the world of natural health products.

Kemosabe, named, strategically positioned, branded and are currently taking it to market. We designed and commissioned the packaging, all collateral and brand touch-points. The web design and development were also handled in-house.

Thorough Kemosabe’s investment arm – House of Moguls – the agency also took a stake in the business.

The products


Don’t worry, don’t stress, Be Human.


And the beat goes on and on and on.


The party’s over but it doesn’t mean you are.


Can’t stomach travel? Don’t worry, Be Human.


Giving you and your baby a great start, together.


Can’t tolerate intolerance? Go with your gut.


Web design & development

Unlike bigger e-commerce implementations, the small 6 product catalogue allowed for a more focused approach to the web design. Instead of creating a generic theme that would work with a wide range of products we were able to focus the design a lot more tightly around the brand and each of the individual products.

You can take a look at the web site and shop for products at

Digital photoshoot

As product and brand development progressed in parallel a need for realistic, accurate mock-ups soon arose even when the physical product was not yet available. A digital solution was employed.

The plan was to create a series of CGIs, based on brand packaging designs to then use in a ‘digital photo shoot’. The renders would see the products in different scenarios of our choosing, from a studio setup to a sunny garden table.

Social media

Kemosabe work holistically with our social media partner, Socialgram to create a fully integrated approach to launch the product in a multi channel approach. The objective of to increase brand awareness and brand likability to drive sales across the UK.