Written on: Monday, March 21st, 2016

Tasked with increasing brand awareness for fashion label ALLSAINTS through music content and live events with a view to launching an entire branded content channel for the brand.

Kemosabe Strategy Director Ian Irving and the creative and media teams were set the challenge to create an engaging piece of content with an international band that could be used for the launch of what was titled ‘ALLSAINTS Films’ and later became what is now known as New Music Cities presented by All Saints.

The media and creative teams focused their attention on one particular city for the launch which would include extensive documentary filming and the activation of a series of live music events. Through extensive researching the Nashville scene we set out to unravel a narrative of the emergence of the rock and roll scene from a city renowned for its country roots, the aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of ALLSAINTS future plans into films, by creating engaging content that was reflective of the brands’ ethos whilst not becoming a fashion led and brand filled promo film.

We created, named and built a campaign called New Music Cities, which was delivered across many channels such as Digital, social, print, PR, events and purchased advertorial in magazines and websites across the globe and put the focus on Nashville for the first project with a view to rolling out content about many other music driven cities around the world.

The team collaborated with Music Republic and Clash Magazine, with this strategy we were then able to align the ALLSAINTS brand with the Nashville music scene, using connections within the music world to film the Kings of Leon wearing the brand throughout.

The advertising was always intended to be subtle and implicit, maintaining the cool status of ALLSAINTS. The Earlham Road store was transformed into a screening room incorporating a Nashville style theatre seating auditorium, as well as launching online.

The full campaign approach included: Social Media Management, Artist Liaison, Filming, Concept Creation, Competition Management, Festival Liaison with SXSW and Event Management.

The team was able to create a beautifully filmed short that introduced new bands whilst promoting the brand. The aesthetic of ALLSAINTS fit perfectly with the image of the musicians that gave the feel of a very organic collaboration. The film has received press globally and across the board from institutions, with a massive global reach of over 300 million impressions.