From Pavement to plate…let us know your thoughts.

Written on: Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

The next issue of Hatch magazine looks at the cultural changes in the world of hospitality, restaurants and food consumption on the high street.

We are looking for those in the know to comment with a view to being noted in the next issue which prints and distributes 20,000 copies around the United Kingdom.

So, whats your thoughts on….

– What comes to mind when you think of the ‘pavement to the plate’?
– When a potential customer walks through your door, what do you think is the deciding factor that will make them want to eat/stay/make a good impressions and ensure they’re a returning customer?
– How do you capture a consumer’s attention from where then they’re on the pavement and get them in front of the plate?
– Has social media made hospitality anti-social or breathed new life into the sector? (this is taking into account the thinking behind the Instagram foodie craze)
– When looking at hospitality as a multi-sensory experience – what do you regard as the most important sense?
– What has hospitality got to offer for the future? Where can it go?  Does technology and its rapid evolvement play a part in its progression as an industry or will it always aim to retain as much of its ‘human’ and ‘natural’ qualities?

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