Kemosabe Golden Ticket

Written on: Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Much like Slugworth’s infamous attempts to discover the mysteries hidden within Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, I attempted to infiltrate Kemosabe under the guise of a humble intern copywriter. Sat silently observing in the corner behind a laptop screen, I sought to uncover the secret recipe to Kemosabe’s growth, and understand just how I could replicate their success after just over one year of existence.

After an extremely persuasive message to Co-Founder and Creative Director Phill Clark, in which I pledged youthful enthusiasm, I arrived at the central London office in early July. Expecting to be ferrying mugs of tea from the kitchen to the desk all day with an ever-growing list of names attached to milk and sugar ratios in my head, I was instead made tea and bought coffee as I started working on copy for a global client on my first day. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of the agency – their trust and the creative freedom it allows for.


The small (perfectly formed) team creates a personal experience – not just for an intern, but also for Kemosabe’s clients. Every member of the team knows, speaks to, understands, and is enthusiastic about clients and their business. This shows in daily office life; everyone sits around the same island of desks, surrounded by (undrunk) bottles of Southern Comfort, discussing both professional and casual friendly conversations they’ve had with clients. Whilst this goes on, I order flowers for a valued client’s birthday and research for new briefs from some potential clients.

This intimate and efficient style of functioning is reflected in the fast-paced turnaround of work that occurs to the left of my person. Between the morning brief and lunch on my first day, a full range of posters had been designed before I had even set my email up.  These were easily good enough to be rolled out that morning; however, they were instead refined even further over the following five days, towering over what I thought were my already high standards.


In my 4th week I was even donated a free cream suit after Irv saw my fondness for dodgy outfits – unfortunately, according to passersby I look more Disco Stu than Miami Vice.

Walking into Kemosabe in the midst of their normal working lives, I wasn’t expecting to encounter the range of jobs and services undertaken on a daily basis. As an intern alone I researched music venues and food spaces for live activation events, created mood boards, wrote scripts for TV, planned and created origami for promotional products, researched for briefs, and wrote, edited, and proofread copy to send back to clients.

After one month of interning at Kemosabe I am now sat in the Creative Director’s seat. Since learning the secret to Kemosabe’s success I have made myself a desk plaque and plan to take over.