HATCH Issue #5 “The Experience Economy”

Written on: Tuesday, June 14th, 2016


In the next issue of Hatch we take an in-depth look at ‘The Experience Economy’. Why and how the term ‘Experience’ has become so prolific in the world of brand and service marketing.

Although the concept of the Experience Economy was born in the business field, it has crossed its frontiers to tourism, architecture, tech, urban planners and other fields.

We’ll be taking a deep dive into the power of experience and what part it plays in the sales and marketing of products and services in all walks of life and business.

We’ll discuss what the consumers think, is there too much overload? and how some of the leaders of industry are placing experience into the mix or even avoiding it. We will hear from brands in Fashion, Automotive, Music, Broadcast, Banking, Travel and Retail. We dig into the demise of the term Experiential and the fact that today’s consumers are getting savvy to the bombardment of ‘experience’ as are the more qualified marketers amongst us as well as trying to decipher how we get cut through in what is becoming the most cluttered and possibly diluted of marketing disciplines.

If you would like to contribute or advertise in the next issue, drop me a line: ian.irving46@gmail.com