Experience at the heart of everything

Written on: Friday, March 24th, 2017

Kemosabe prides itself on a media neutral approach to solutions for our clients; we are also devoted to our strategic philosophy of ‘Inch Wide, Mile Deep’ that is proving to be inspiring to our growing client base. Admittedly however we do follow a common path which is to ensure that everything we do triggers and emotion and delivers some form of emotive and engaging experience.

Experience plays a big part in our lives each day.  Our everyday experiences shape who we are and what we do and the choices we make. Everything from that morning coffee to your daily commute right through to an evening meal at a restaurant chain can be considered an experience.  Our decisions to have these experiences or more commonly repeat these experiences are indicative enough to suggest that we feel fulfilled by these experiences and are not encouraged to remove ourselves away from them in our daily, monthly or yearly routines.


This is just beginning to scratch the surface of what an experience can be defined as, or more so what we can consider to be a positive experience.  There is of course always room to discuss the potential of introducing new experiences into an individual’s life, but any sign of this new experience becoming unsatisfactory for them, the individual in question will no doubt revert back to their more trusted experiences that evoke more positive feelings for them.

This may sound convoluted when analyzing the simplicity of let’s say a morning coffee experience, but it is all in the small details of that experience that can keep an individual coming back for more, or for new uncharted experiences, put them off completely.  As mentioned, it’s simple logic for someone to desire more of something that they have enjoyed or are experiencing some form of satisfaction from.  What are these little details that keep someone coming back for more though?  Is it, in the instance of a morning coffee – taste, price or even convenience?  It’s ultimately up to the experience itself to define how it can satisfy a said individual and to what extremes it wants to go to heighten someone’s experience for the better.

What we must not forget to is that it is the individual who is experiencing that ultimately shapes the experience long term – what does he or she want from their most simple of experiences to their most complex ones as well.  Experiences no matter how inane or trivial they may seem are not one size fits all.