Kemosabe Street Photography Class

Written on: Saturday, November 11th, 2017

On Friday afternoon Kemosabe did a Street Photography class with photographer Charlie Kwai from Hackney Arts. (See more about Charlie here)

As a Social Enterprise, Hackney Arts use a share of their profits from ticket sales and private bookings to fund free arts activity in the Hackney borough. They work with local charities and community centres to deliver their courses for free, to disadvantaged groups who wouldn’t usually have access to the arts.

They have just finished a series of classes at Choices, an addiction recovery group that is part of Spitalfields Crypt Trust, and they are planning their next series with Akwaaba, a refugee centre in Dalston.

Our lesson started in our home from home, The Wilmington, where Charlie showed us some his latest project called ‘True Love’ set in Soho’s China Town. He told us his best experiences (travelling around China for a month) and he told us his worst (being punched in the face by a stranger). We learnt the do’s and dont’s of street photography, which from a glance looked like we were possibly having a life-coaching lesson. Here are a few top tips:

1/ Introduce yourself and explain what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes you wont have a reason because you acted on impulse, but try find a reason for why you needed to take that shot.

2/ Smile; it’s harder for a stranger to be angry at a smiley face.

3/ Pretend you know what you’re doing even if you don’t. If you act confident no one will question you.

4/ If you get punched in the face, which hopefully wont happen too often, get right back on that bike and start taking more photos.

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